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  • Shaurya Banga
    Shaurya Banga4 jam yang lalu

    you should do old vs new

  • callum fox
    callum fox4 jam yang lalu

    Make a duel bladed saber like maul

  • Jacob & lola Matthews
    Jacob & lola Matthews4 jam yang lalu

    Can we all just get to appreciate how good this video is

  • Emilios Blacksea
    Emilios Blacksea4 jam yang lalu

    i would destroy my self

  • Skyler Dickson
    Skyler Dickson4 jam yang lalu

    How did you afford the rights to those sounds?

  • Mitchel Grice
    Mitchel Grice5 jam yang lalu

    O my god....... HE DID IT!!!

  • Jeremy Knapp
    Jeremy Knapp5 jam yang lalu

    Be cool to see the light sabre heat up the motor in time lapse

  • alnimaciones stop
    alnimaciones stop5 jam yang lalu

    It haves a kotor (knigths of the old republic) style and taht is awesome

  • Krishna Chaturvedi
    Krishna Chaturvedi5 jam yang lalu

    He is too dangerous to be left alive!

  • Dominikゴミ箱ギャング
    Dominikゴミ箱ギャング5 jam yang lalu

    I think i found a new grill tool Where i can buy it?

  • Unusual Videos
    Unusual Videos5 jam yang lalu

    Also just 2x speed makes it real o real like the movie

  • Unusual Videos
    Unusual Videos6 jam yang lalu

    Now build one more and make a Light Chakus and give to Bruce Lee

  • RebellionPlays YT
    RebellionPlays YT6 jam yang lalu

    I legit think we are going into the Star Wars era

  • King_Mussy
    King_Mussy6 jam yang lalu

    I think the hack smith has officially made it on some sort of watchlist

  • Tutorial Bruh
    Tutorial Bruh7 jam yang lalu

    The FBI will be contacting you

  • Sam Jafari
    Sam Jafari8 jam yang lalu

    You overcooked it nooooo

  • Lord Rorek
    Lord Rorek8 jam yang lalu

    The only thing they need to do now is make it so two of these can collide with one another and our star wars fantasies will be complete.

  • Si Wi
    Si Wi8 jam yang lalu

    Canadas military power just skyrocketed...

  • Elijah Butterfield
    Elijah Butterfield9 jam yang lalu

    3:59 Silence! Let Darth Carnivorous speak!

  • Lee S
    Lee S9 jam yang lalu

    "Except my tai fighter is a Buick Riviera" I said while driving not destroying with a lightsaber, my Buick Riviera.

  • Josh Smit
    Josh Smit9 jam yang lalu

    I LOVE his ADHD.rofl "Oh the inside of the car is on fire from the molten glass! Yeah let's see what happens to the door." 9:58 is def my favorite moment.

  • Justin Dahan
    Justin Dahan9 jam yang lalu

    If George Lucas doesn’t watch this, I’ll be disappointed

  • Charles Williford
    Charles Williford10 jam yang lalu

    Hacksmith: What would you destroy with a lightsaber? Me: Nooothing?....(gets defensive)

  • Grievous Game
    Grievous Game10 jam yang lalu

    Maverick 🤭

  • Trini Palacios
    Trini Palacios10 jam yang lalu

    Can it cut through a gun?

  • Shivam 243
    Shivam 24310 jam yang lalu

    upgrade plasma cutter 😂❤️

  • PoundsOfPork
    PoundsOfPork10 jam yang lalu

    Its a flame sword ....

  • Balljoint
    Balljoint10 jam yang lalu

    You just made a portable plasma cutter with a wide beam, lame... I'm coming back to edit this comment as it was so negative. My dog died recently and I have been really bummed out, I guess I took out that negative energy on you. I'm sorry and just feel so alone... Since my dog died I now know I have nothing to put my dick inside when I go to bed.

  • Isiah Yllan
    Isiah Yllan10 jam yang lalu

    Next on hack smith: Time Machine

  • Simon Aguirre
    Simon Aguirre10 jam yang lalu

    the science is the best friend for a freak geek

  • yad2224 t1
    yad2224 t110 jam yang lalu

    I need one of those

  • Fields of fire
    Fields of fire10 jam yang lalu

    my lightsabers bigger

  • That College Kid
    That College Kid11 jam yang lalu

    Everything gangsta till your annoying cousin comes over and wants to play with it

  • Examined!
    Examined!11 jam yang lalu

    Can you also make a retractable temperature resistant blade inside of the plasma beam, so that it actually cuts through things? I think that will make it even cooler!

  • Ben Sindelar
    Ben Sindelar11 jam yang lalu

    Looks like sand isn’t completely pointless after all

  • Evan Dugas
    Evan Dugas11 jam yang lalu

    Ever want to see him burn and beat up a car a lot but still have it be driveable and go out and see people reactions

  • Evan Dugas
    Evan Dugas11 jam yang lalu

    It's scary to me how close you all are to making a real light saber.

  • Evan Dugas
    Evan Dugas11 jam yang lalu

    I wonder what would happen if a massive calab happened between all the engineering/science channels to make a cannon.

  • Android app
    Android app11 jam yang lalu

    Incrivel , showwwwww, esse cara a disney vai contratar logo logo

  • Dark V2
    Dark V211 jam yang lalu

    Grandma:I’m making stake tonight Also grandma: 3:46

  • GalaxyKing
    GalaxyKing11 jam yang lalu

    Holy shit

  • Bradley Nathan Guerrier
    Bradley Nathan Guerrier11 jam yang lalu

    next time: building real star wars battleships

    NARUTO UZUMAKI11 jam yang lalu

    Haha my lightsaber is better it's made of cheap plastic Me: currently sobbing in a corner

  • Mugen Kagemaru
    Mugen Kagemaru12 jam yang lalu

    Have you guys built a second one yet? I'm interested in seeing them clash.

  • Gabes on Frames
    Gabes on Frames12 jam yang lalu

    Cant imagine what his saber is going to look like in 10 years

  • Money
    Money12 jam yang lalu

    Ok, but now it’s gotta be able to make contact and be blocked by another lightsaber

  • AbilerFM
    AbilerFM13 jam yang lalu

    This is a big step

  • Amanda Durbin
    Amanda Durbin13 jam yang lalu

    OK now this is cinematic

  • Stacy Grace
    Stacy Grace13 jam yang lalu

    Can I "test out" your lightsaber?!!! 😂😂 Don't worry about the haters...their just jealous they don't have ONE to play with. Keep rockin' it!!! 💪👍💥😊😉

  • lighteart _
    lighteart _13 jam yang lalu


  • Unidentifiable Pigeon
    Unidentifiable Pigeon13 jam yang lalu

    I want to work here just to break things lmfao

  • jay thom
    jay thom13 jam yang lalu

    The military and police need this

  • jay thom
    jay thom13 jam yang lalu

    1:50 oh shit it's that character from r6 coming for yo ass

  • Unidentifiable Pigeon
    Unidentifiable Pigeon13 jam yang lalu

    Anyone else notice the “iron man was here” on the stone wall when they were cutting down the door?

  • nichole griffin
    nichole griffin14 jam yang lalu

    A safe

  • Yabuturtle
    Yabuturtle14 jam yang lalu

    If a real lightsaber existed, would you want it to be like the movies where it cuts through steel, or would it be better to have it more like a training lightsaber, where it would leave burns and welts but not cut through flesh effortlessly. What do you guys think? Maybe like a training saber since if people did buy a lightsaber that could cut through walls, they would be incredibly dangerous and you'd need a lot of training to use it safely. They would be the ideal self defense weapon though.

  • The Noobloxer
    The Noobloxer14 jam yang lalu

    i dont think holding a flesh cooking lightsaber with just a hand with no hands will be safe ,no one agree?

  • Genox Golem
    Genox Golem14 jam yang lalu


  • truewolf
    truewolf15 jam yang lalu

    This shit is actually scary as ffffffffffffffffffffffff

  • truewolf
    truewolf15 jam yang lalu

    How about a hand?

  • Rocio Pleitez
    Rocio Pleitez15 jam yang lalu

    I would burn a bigmac don't ask why

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee15 jam yang lalu

    6:06 its satisfying

  • GimmeTheLoot
    GimmeTheLoot15 jam yang lalu

    Would this work in space? I mean it's the perfect weapon for astronauts who wanna sabotage enemy space stations

  • Sir Fire Brand
    Sir Fire Brand15 jam yang lalu

    Cant wait till this is weaponized

  • Taylor Huston
    Taylor Huston15 jam yang lalu

    I give it two months before someone copies this design and tries to rob a bank vault with it

  • Wendy Smouts
    Wendy Smouts16 jam yang lalu

    This is just the beginning (evil laugh)

  • FutureGirl2033
    FutureGirl203316 jam yang lalu

    This is like watching a two year-old play with a gun!! Horrifically anxiety inducing!!

  • the Hacksmith

    the Hacksmith

    15 jam yang lalu

    Right... cause a 2 year old can comprehend what he's doing and you're saying i don't have that mental capacity....

  • Samuel Iliff
    Samuel Iliff16 jam yang lalu

    you'd think with all of these technological advancements they would have wify that doesn't cut out only durring your zoom calls

  • Sr. Saucy
    Sr. Saucy16 jam yang lalu

    Fast forward 100 years on the blacksmiths channel "Testing the worlds first death star😳"

  • iPlayGames
    iPlayGames16 jam yang lalu

    3:45, medium or rare?

  • Daniel Gill
    Daniel Gill16 jam yang lalu

    2:53 when the zombies from Minecraft finally figure out how to break down Steve’s steel door

    SUAPY17 jam yang lalu

    needs to be a little longer

    MRMDAWURM MRMDAWURM17 jam yang lalu

    This is probably the closest we will get to a real lightsaber, I love it

  • a meat loaf gaming and piano
    a meat loaf gaming and piano18 jam yang lalu

    Its like a flame thrower

  • a meat loaf gaming and piano

    a meat loaf gaming and piano

    18 jam yang lalu

    Just that better

  • cloak 875
    cloak 87518 jam yang lalu

    Can it burn brick my school is brick so can it?

  • a meat loaf gaming and piano
    a meat loaf gaming and piano18 jam yang lalu

    Very well recorded

  • Horizon NP
    Horizon NP18 jam yang lalu

    Make a halo energy sword

  • Arhanus Shamsudinov
    Arhanus Shamsudinov18 jam yang lalu

    а режет то хуёво, вот он и идёт так медленно )))

  • david rowntree
    david rowntree18 jam yang lalu

    That's incredible and the scary things is this is a first and imagine what the improved versions of this will be like with improved heat, fuel, expense and more. I could imagine this being used in space once fitted to mining ship to break space rocks apart. Get it hotter and such things maybe able to burn in the deepest depth of the ocean, all sorts is possible and technology is coming faster and faster.

  • Yabuturtle
    Yabuturtle19 jam yang lalu

    If the government would release their classified alien tech, we probably would already have the means to make lightsabers, proton packs, ECT.

  • Captain Johnathan Price
    Captain Johnathan Price19 jam yang lalu

    This was kinda disappointing it didnt feel like a lightsaber

  • the Hacksmith

    the Hacksmith

    15 jam yang lalu

    And you've seen better..?

  • Samuel Hubschman
    Samuel Hubschman19 jam yang lalu

    So cool! Good job keep it up 👍🏻

  • SMA dez
    SMA dez19 jam yang lalu

    Clab this with fuckin slow mo guys

  • Hoodwinked Bunny
    Hoodwinked Bunny20 jam yang lalu

    This is awesome. I can't believe it is real

  • Hbc Lessors14
    Hbc Lessors1420 jam yang lalu

    At this point I’m guessing the movie lightsaber burns at 25000

  • Ultronhack
    Ultronhack20 jam yang lalu

    Was that a wall or cardboard painted black

  • NeptunZ
    NeptunZ20 jam yang lalu

    Let's just say a duel with the lightsaber would be a uneventful one

  • Randal Hull
    Randal Hull20 jam yang lalu

    Caps shield... :( I has a sad.

  • Reee logic
    Reee logic20 jam yang lalu

    they should do a light saber battle with this lightsaber

  • 2 Z3ROS
    2 Z3ROS21 jam yang lalu

    Oh my god it's Maverick from siege 😱

  • Tyler Tavanhira
    Tyler Tavanhira21 jam yang lalu


  • Russell g
    Russell g21 jam yang lalu

    how dreadful

  • Pou Tunes

    Pou Tunes

    20 jam yang lalu

    You make one then

  • xx minecraftslayer xx
    xx minecraftslayer xx21 jam yang lalu

    So its a oxy with extra steps?

  • Felipe Vellasco
    Felipe Vellasco21 jam yang lalu

    Waiting for the moment we see the world's 1st lightsaber + slow mo guys.

  • budhi antonius
    budhi antonius22 jam yang lalu


  • Anton Paul
    Anton Paul22 jam yang lalu

    What is. Your job

  • Cy on 30fps
    Cy on 30fps22 jam yang lalu

    Imagine if cops had this in the future

  • Owen
    Owen23 jam yang lalu

    Vibranium is supposed to have shock absorption and not actual strength so a lightsaber applying prolonged superheat would be super effective.

  • Tien’s World
    Tien’s World23 jam yang lalu

    Make one that isn’t fire

  • Gabe Palumbo
    Gabe Palumbo23 jam yang lalu

    In the next decade, we could be looking at an even more “movie accurate” light saber. I wonder if this is something countries’ militaries would use?