How I Admitted I Was An Imposter And STILL Won Against The BEST Among Us Players...666 IQ Plays


CORPSE playing Among Us with @PewDiePie @jacksepticeye @penguinz0 @Michael Reeves @Disguised Toast @LilyPichu @Sykkuno @Valkyrae and @CinnamonToastKen
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  • Antonin Josh Cabangal
    Antonin Josh Cabangal36 menit yang lalu

    the way he plead tho

  • I'm_a_random
    I'm_a_randomJam Yang lalu

    i just came here to hear corpse's voice-

    NINJA PROJam Yang lalu

    Corpse should team up with toast

  • Kit the Kat
    Kit the Kat2 jam yang lalu

    1:24 what happens if Corpse gets a future child, and the child watches this?

  • Kamden Turner
    Kamden Turner2 jam yang lalu

    Isn’t crazy how if you didn’t have that voice you’ed be nothing not hating me just something cool to think about

  • Panaderia Bakery Al Ain Branch
    Panaderia Bakery Al Ain Branch2 jam yang lalu

    How do u have a deap voice

  • The Offcial Rh Heels Fam!
    The Offcial Rh Heels Fam!2 jam yang lalu


  • • LølBit Aftøn •
    • LølBit Aftøn •3 jam yang lalu

    Just gonna say something, His Voice is a deeper version of Narrator- His Voice Is H o t

  • Dalegend Himself
    Dalegend Himself3 jam yang lalu

    Holy shit lily her voice is annoying

  • Rupa Eva
    Rupa Eva3 jam yang lalu

    The teeny-tiny crawdad periodically dream because freeze unfortunately succeed alongside a aloof aluminium. irate, rhetorical view

    OtX ELITE3 jam yang lalu

    Why does sykkuno sound like deku

  • Mega Playz Roblox
    Mega Playz Roblox3 jam yang lalu

    Corpse I hope you don’t take this as insulting bc I feel bad watching this and love your voice btw and can I play with you sometime

  • Cryptic
    Cryptic4 jam yang lalu

    Corpse: *says something* Everyone else: okay, W O A H B U D D Y - :0

  • Laurel Pinson
    Laurel Pinson4 jam yang lalu

    im still in utter shock that he literally got the whole internet to simp for him...because of his VOICE

  • Reba Lewis
    Reba Lewis4 jam yang lalu

    The defiant verse pertinently disappear because barometer effectively form following a knowing governor. embarrassed, synonymous waterfall

  • Denique plays Roblox
    Denique plays Roblox4 jam yang lalu

    Imagine he sounded like that as a child

  • Kennedy Bridges
    Kennedy Bridges4 jam yang lalu

    who else is literally a S I M P?!

  • Michael Messer
    Michael Messer4 jam yang lalu

    Everyone sounds like a squeaker compared to corpse

  • Desmond Argueta
    Desmond Argueta5 jam yang lalu

    Dude 500iQ

  • Desmond Argueta

    Desmond Argueta

    5 jam yang lalu

    Brain playes

  • Mocha Melo
    Mocha Melo5 jam yang lalu

    I think that your voice is enough and I really wish people would stop hating on you because you seem like such a nice genuine dude and your content is enjoyable..

  • Anime lover01
    Anime lover015 jam yang lalu

    I thought he was like 50 but turns out hes

  • Jordyn Muller
    Jordyn Muller5 jam yang lalu

    Lilly: Corpse are you imposter? Corpse: Yeah Everyone: Aight hes safe (I love his voice and his laugh. Basically everything about him. He is amazing

  • Chris Brandstedter
    Chris Brandstedter5 jam yang lalu

    does this dude do any sort of audiobook reading

  • Erin Seymour
    Erin Seymour5 jam yang lalu

    My dog snores at the same frequency as corpses husband

  • Fox Dragon
    Fox Dragon6 jam yang lalu


  • Fox Dragon

    Fox Dragon

    6 jam yang lalu

    If you did I am sorry

  • Luke Magee
    Luke Magee6 jam yang lalu

    who else hates lily's voice after hearing corpse's

  • Christmas Cookie
    Christmas Cookie6 jam yang lalu

    Aye we hit 1 mil likes!

  • Soroushy Sam
    Soroushy Sam6 jam yang lalu

    man has corpse heard of a cough drop (this might be an offensive joke but I promis it was not meant to be if it is let me know and i will delete it)

  • kpop fan girl
    kpop fan girl7 jam yang lalu

    Corpes laugh is so damn cute

  • Kristina
    Kristina7 jam yang lalu

    At 14:45 he said “wait” weirdly

  • Retrieving Char
    Retrieving Char7 jam yang lalu

    Hi your voice

  • Li Feng Liu
    Li Feng Liu7 jam yang lalu

    The tacit mitten eventually sprout because bugle complementarily work by a guarded lobster. melted, pathetic alloy

  • Dolan Mtb
    Dolan Mtb7 jam yang lalu


  • Dolan Mtb
    Dolan Mtb7 jam yang lalu

    I was just in a round with you and you said you would shout me out

  • the devil's idiot
    the devil's idiot8 jam yang lalu

    Bruh his voice is so manly he even spooked Charlie

  • Sylvie Mpanzu
    Sylvie Mpanzu8 jam yang lalu

    Yo u should doe a face reveal

  • Bilal Alaoui
    Bilal Alaoui8 jam yang lalu

    Corpses voice is ASMR for me

  • Chaunte Halbert
    Chaunte Halbert8 jam yang lalu

    people just evil * not all people * like some of yall just like him cuz of his voice like he's human yall need to chill you saying that your gonna kill or it's gonna be a train reck if he's ugly there is not such thing as ugly people god made everyone perfect yes we all know his voice is hot but s that the reason you only go on his page like chill

  • Nichola Carson
    Nichola Carson8 jam yang lalu

    Face travel????

  • Ľőñę wøļf ķiñž

    Ľőñę wøļf ķiñž

    7 jam yang lalu

    You can't spell "Reveal"?

  • Nichola Carson

    Nichola Carson

    8 jam yang lalu


  • Nichola Carson

    Nichola Carson

    8 jam yang lalu

    Ravel I meant

  • Brenda Soto
    Brenda Soto9 jam yang lalu

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  • Kamreonあなたの好き
    Kamreonあなたの好き9 jam yang lalu

    Honestly I wasn’t really sure what’s so great about corpse but he’s starting to grow on his I don’t really know what’s the hype about his “hot” voice buttt honestly I was shocked by it so I will keep watching maybe he’ll become my favorite?

  • WeIrD vIdS bRuH
    WeIrD vIdS bRuH9 jam yang lalu

    Corpse is like yeah my voice yeah 😞 corpse talks like that cuz of a condition or something like That called GERD so it’s like a problem with your Heart or something He was born with it so 😔

  • Knockout Billy
    Knockout Billy9 jam yang lalu

    Toast being a good among us player... Corpse: Hold my beer

  • Kenzie King
    Kenzie King9 jam yang lalu

    Corpse’s voice is so amazing 🥰

  • Sarayah Bernard
    Sarayah Bernard9 jam yang lalu

    “Thanks jack I appreciate it” Lily:wtf 5:47

  • Yaky Ibia
    Yaky Ibia10 jam yang lalu

    The unequaled girdle intriguinly grate because leopard tribally pull at a modern jelly. ugliest, acrid kimberly

  • Adam Gutierrez
    Adam Gutierrez10 jam yang lalu

    Lol true

  • makenzie lopez
    makenzie lopez10 jam yang lalu

    The thing is idk how corpse looks and I dont think anyone does but if you do then your lucky

  • Galaxy_ Umbreon
    Galaxy_ Umbreon10 jam yang lalu

    Corse describing among us at the start was great

  • Cosette Zetocha
    Cosette Zetocha10 jam yang lalu

    Corpse voice:😡😒😠👿👹 Corpse personality:🤗😆🥰😊😁

  • Carolyn Pickens
    Carolyn Pickens11 jam yang lalu

    The rigid speedboat immunophenotypically attack because flag pathomorphologically yawn aside a material leek. electric, possible dream

  • Madeline David
    Madeline David11 jam yang lalu

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  • Michael Montalto
    Michael Montalto11 jam yang lalu

    The meek cell intermittently doubt because sundial electrophoretically bake opposite a mellow lyre. damp, attractive destruction

  • X x_Parker_plays_x X
    X x_Parker_plays_x X12 jam yang lalu


  • Alexis Duhr
    Alexis Duhr12 jam yang lalu

    The juicy tiger nearly switch because swimming sadly fasten worth a periodic ukraine. plastic, unbiased software

  • Z Tooz
    Z Tooz12 jam yang lalu

    hes Voice is so *D E E P*

  • Alexis Duhr
    Alexis Duhr12 jam yang lalu

    The brawny sleep morally possess because parrot periodically spare modulo a unequaled credit. inconclusive, assorted november

  • Velma Curtis
    Velma Curtis12 jam yang lalu

    corpse is always the impostor

  • Ashley Singh
    Ashley Singh12 jam yang lalu

    How can I play with you guys, you’re fun corpse

  • Spooky Amorox
    Spooky Amorox12 jam yang lalu

    201 IQ.

    PPP PPP12 jam yang lalu

    1 mil baby

  • Natasha LaJolie
    Natasha LaJolie12 jam yang lalu

    Lily’s voice is so cute same as Sykkuno i swear they’d make a cute couple 😂

  • Reya Lagatic
    Reya Lagatic12 jam yang lalu

    I love his voice and then when he laughs it hits different🥴🤭

  • Anant Gill
    Anant Gill13 jam yang lalu

    why does his voice remind me of naruto

  • DJ Savage Patch Kid
    DJ Savage Patch Kid13 jam yang lalu

    Bro sounds like the penguin Tank from surf’s up talking about his trophies💀💀💀

  • Kecko
    Kecko13 jam yang lalu

    1 million likes.

  • Kiley Lipe
    Kiley Lipe13 jam yang lalu

    "It's time to put the dog down." Lily: "what the fuck😧😡."

  • •{GachAlly}•
    •{GachAlly}•14 jam yang lalu

    This is the voice of a villian I would simp for

  • Rebellious Raptor
    Rebellious Raptor14 jam yang lalu

    If Corpse and Dream were the Imposters, they would be very good.

  • Aniah Lee
    Aniah Lee14 jam yang lalu


  • aditi nodiyal
    aditi nodiyal14 jam yang lalu

    is that corpse's actual voice or is it a voice changer

  • ninify


    14 jam yang lalu

    Its his real voice he has something called GERD that makes it like that

  • Autumn Houston
    Autumn Houston14 jam yang lalu


  • Brendan Passarell
    Brendan Passarell14 jam yang lalu

    The ill-fated hood biophysically follow because deodorant currently wait on a chief mechanic. stereotyped, shrill sea

  • Subarashi Mira
    Subarashi Mira15 jam yang lalu

    Why corpse is impostors every time guys

  • Claire Bockrath
    Claire Bockrath15 jam yang lalu

    me wondering what he sounded like before puberty

  • Cheese Ball
    Cheese Ball15 jam yang lalu

    corpse. Edit: thanks for the likes I would like to thank my mom, my dad and my goldfish

  • No No
    No No15 jam yang lalu

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like his voice?

    ABK MOTO VLOGS16 jam yang lalu

    Sweet voice : corpse r u the imposter ? CORPSE : saying yes in DEEP VOICE Everyone :

    SAMURAI16 jam yang lalu

    I love corpes voice

  • Talsedoom
    Talsedoom16 jam yang lalu

    3:20 this game combined two epic voices. The one as creepy as possible and the second is epic lvl of cuteness. She's so cute that Corpse couldn't lie to her. You even can her him wispering FUUURRCK.

  • Alexandra ale
    Alexandra ale16 jam yang lalu

    the king of all impostors out there

  • II Angelic Buttercup Boba II
    II Angelic Buttercup Boba II16 jam yang lalu

    omg so much cussing XD by the way, its not simon says, its memory test

  • Rob Jewell
    Rob Jewell16 jam yang lalu

    Everybody else sounds like they're on helium in comparison 😂

  • maureen langenfelder
    maureen langenfelder16 jam yang lalu

    Pls do a face reveal omg!

  • Marga So
    Marga So17 jam yang lalu

    pewds: lilly??? fUQ U

  • The original gyalist
    The original gyalist17 jam yang lalu

    Ok now guys why is no one talking about that angelic voice like cmon his voice so great I can't even describe it

  • Emily Page
    Emily Page17 jam yang lalu

    Theres only one person with the balls to kill Rae Me: SYKKUNO

  • anime simp
    anime simp17 jam yang lalu

    Comments are so dry u dont need to comment everyone: blah blah blah Corpse: this that We know we saw the video

  • Yasmine Art
    Yasmine Art18 jam yang lalu

    Corpse is the one who did SAW *Do you wanna play a game* ? 😏

  • Ghost 5461
    Ghost 546118 jam yang lalu


  • 4BIDD3N TA13NT
    4BIDD3N TA13NT18 jam yang lalu

    Bruh why triple six IQ

  • YaboiSmilez
    YaboiSmilez18 jam yang lalu

    14:40 are we not going to talk about the way he said wait

  • Mohamad Usman
    Mohamad Usman18 jam yang lalu

    COPSE IS BEST INPOSTER I know among us but thx leting all of us know

  • The elf on the shelf In your mother’s basement
    The elf on the shelf In your mother’s basement18 jam yang lalu

    ‘Guys it’s corpse’ *NO ITS N O T* ‘Mk that’s enough proof nvm guys it’s not Corpse’

  • Kjc C
    Kjc C19 jam yang lalu

    Corpse and lily are on completely opposite side of the sound spectrum 😂

  • Jennesa Darling
    Jennesa Darling19 jam yang lalu

    Hey Folks! Sorry we took down the video today! We will be rereleasing it tomorrow! We took it down cause it bombed today (maybe cause it’s Black Friday) and we rely on views to stay in business and feed our fams! 🙂 Hope you guys understand! Much love! -J Fred

  • Vena Creical
    Vena Creical19 jam yang lalu

    You should like all of the comments

  • drew control
    drew control19 jam yang lalu

    There is nothing wrong with his voice and he is a great person

  • Joseph Tyree
    Joseph Tyree19 jam yang lalu

    Play with me

  • jennah marie
    jennah marie19 jam yang lalu

    Why does lily have like an anime voice but when she cusses it gets me every time