KSI Is The Funniest Minecraft Player Ever


KSI plays Minecraft with me and it was the funniest thing ever
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KSI today decided to play Minecraft with me, quackity, on the DreamSMP which is a Minecraft server owned by Dream in Minecraft, so KSI being KSI and Minecraft being Minecraft I decided it was a great idea for me, quackity, to bring KSI onto DreamSMP which is the Minecraft server owned by Dream. This is gonna be amazing because KSI knows nothing about Minecraft let alone the DreamSMP server. So many big creators have came on the DreamSMP like Ninja and Pokimane but this time around it's KSI's time to shine on Dream's Minecraft server DreamSMP.
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  • Quackity
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    THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!!! FULL STREAM HERE: www.twitch.tv/quackityhq

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    the livi is something you are interested 😂😂

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    Poggers luv -mWa-

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    At least the one that tommy has the "is the funniest player ever" on the title is not capital not like tye quackity one

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    Agmmmg No Ji hi

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    Bring Jake Paul next time

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    I deceased when the way he talked about bbh like that I feel so bad😭

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    _DreamSMP_3 jam yang lalu

    Quackity in minecraft his skin looks like Boffy

  • xx_scalper_xx 0
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    ksi is like the bodybuilder with anger issues

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    3:48 Damn the betrayal

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    STEP DREAM 10:11

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    If you're new to Minecraft, just ask Quackity for help! He'll DEFINETLY not tell you to sleep in the Nether, to look at endermen AND to go hug a creeper!

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    This was the last good quackity video

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    Ksi is like a demon laughing when griefing

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    Hbomb knew ksi was simpin

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    quackity best channel

    DNF YES DREAM U DID HEAR GOOD9 jam yang lalu

    ... my innocent gone 😃🔫

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    Quackity sucks

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    I feel so bad for JJ's neighbors

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    Nah KSI is the funniest when he isnt trying to be funny

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    Xd viva mexico

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    9:13 *Rule 34 wants to know your location*

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    I can imagine bad on deafen

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    this is so funny lollll

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    5:15 5:51 5:54

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    I m colr blinf

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    The neighbors: 👁️💧👄💧👁️

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    Tht " why have u done this" got me soo bad 😂😂😂😂

    RYLE SALUNGAHari Yang lalu

    KSI on Quackity’s channel: Adult Swim KSI on TommyInnit’s channel: Cartoon Network

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    Yo Kiss Simon Immediately and Quackity are a unstoppable team.

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    KSI-kiss simon immidietly

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    ksi bbh falls for the hidden language :|

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    AKO SI ELViSHari Yang lalu

    5:15 5:51 5:54

    AKO SI ELViSHari Yang lalu

    5:15 5:51 5:50



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    5:15 5:51 5:54

    AKO SI ELViSHari Yang lalu

    5:15 5:51 5:505:15 5:51 5:555:15 5:51

    AKO SI ELViSHari Yang lalu

    5:15 5:50

    AKO SI ELViSHari Yang lalu

    5:15 5:51 5:55

    AKO SI ELViSHari Yang lalu


    AKO SI ELViSHari Yang lalu


    AKO SI ELViSHari Yang lalu


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    BBH: hey language New one: %&@$ %£§§ &%@%

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    A pines is a deeeeeeeeeeeekkkk

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    KSI Is The Funniest Minecraft Player Ever

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    pov: your gonna kill quackity 4:08

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    Stop using Jesus Christ's name in vain. Curse with other things but not his name

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    Jesus Fucking Christ

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    Jesus Christ

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    4:34 LMAO😂

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    karl is acting racist

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    ✨Your a wizard Ranboo✨

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    The downfall...

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    I like how over half of the students died during this class

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    ksi is so funny

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    I cant man im dead 😆

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    KSI could be the next pennywise with that laugh.... Or quackity

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    This is the fuckiest vedio ever lol

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    Did he really respond yes or..? 😂😂

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    15:44 Punz : **moans** BBH :language

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    L0L poor bbh😳😂

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    Bbh is that one kid that always gets asked to say something then gets teased about it

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    Poor fundy haha

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    Quackity sounds like the Joker when he Lough's

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    U should play minecraft with Babatunde

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    A video that shows us how much dream knows about that kind of knowledge

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    No ones talking about ksi running after quackity with a knife?

    NONAME2 hari yang lalu

    Ksi - nikachu Real name Nihachu

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    Fuck you quackity

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    When you know hBomb fr9m Parker plays- w e l l this is awkward

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    Subtitles: sbes Ena wblah blah Me: O.O

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    14:44 is the funny part

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    I thought at 1:19 it was just my eyesight so I got on my glasses smsmmssmaka

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    Ksi is now cannon to the dream smp lore

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    I love dream

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    No In Quackity Translates Yes

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    I like how Ksi holds that picture like the entire video 😂

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    I desided to put subtitles on..

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    I'm literally CRYING!!!

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    i hate ksi sound quality so much!! why?? when he is screaming his voice is not event get compress and hurting my earrr!!!!!!!! that the reason why i hate him

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    The fact KSI was holding a picture of him the whole time 😭

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    14:46 IM GONE-

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    This is my favourite vid of all times🤣

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    i love how u put the patriots helmet on him lmfao

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    does KSI have a video too ?

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    The orange sarah anteriorly deliver because link counterintuitively raise apropos a distinct author. extra-large extra-small exuberant, scrawny kiss

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    Dream in some vids : wheezing Quackity in some part in the show : tiny wheeze

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