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i took your heart
i did things to you
only lovers would do in the dark
made you a god
pre-spokes and pre-shows
will tell me what i did wrong
but hey
you made a nigga flip
what do i say
to make me exist?
ooh, stranger

still don't know my name
you still don't know my name
and i would die or stay
for you right now
but you still don't know my name
wish you, wish you'd come over
missed you, kissed you and make-believe
i'm dreamin' of all the possibilities
i'm kissing all over your body, my nefertiti
and every time i think the plan is aligning
you still so close yet so far
still don't know my name
you still don't know my name
and i would die or stay
for you right now
but you still don't know my name
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