Mortal Kombat (2021) - Official Red Band Trailer


The Mortal Kombat movie reboot from director Simon McQuoid features the defenders of Earthrealm Liu Kang, Sonya Blade, Jax Briggs and more entering the Mortal Kombat tournament to save the world from Shang Tsung, Sub-Zero, Mileena and other supernatural kombatants.

This red band Mortal Kombat (2021) trailer shows off why it's rated R.

Mortal Kombat movie release date April 16, 2021.


  • Trafalgar D Roger
    Trafalgar D Roger8 menit yang lalu

    "I'm Sub Zero" Gilaa keren bet cokkk

  • PaToWaR ExDy
    PaToWaR ExDy13 menit yang lalu

    Joe taslim

  • paul varus
    paul varus22 menit yang lalu

    My boy Subzero with fatality combo 2:00

  • Txddy Farquh
    Txddy Farquh23 menit yang lalu

    Kano 🤣😅🤣😂🤣😅🤣😂

  • The guy with problems
    The guy with problems33 menit yang lalu

    Who else is in love with Sub-Zero's EYES?

  • iNFinium
    iNFinium40 menit yang lalu

    Where is mileenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • jagero78
    jagero7851 menit yang lalu


  • Nomes Chafes
    Nomes Chafes58 menit yang lalu

    1:47 goro has entered the chat

  • J Vill
    J VillJam Yang lalu

    Geyt ova yeeerrrr

  • just Netizen
    just NetizenJam Yang lalu


  • Meta Gaming
    Meta GamingJam Yang lalu

    Scorpion 😁😁

  • qnz
    qnzJam Yang lalu

    Where's the most epic movie soundtrack ever!?!?!

  • Annoyed Orange
    Annoyed OrangeJam Yang lalu

    2:11 Ed Boon: "Stop, stop. You've got it wrong. It's 'get-OOVERR-here', not 'getover-HEEARR'."

  • Amazing Man
    Amazing ManJam Yang lalu

    That’s a birthmark what do you mean he was born with it Yeah that’s what birthmark means

  • Connor Reeve
    Connor ReeveJam Yang lalu

    Mileena looks badass

  • Mobile rahul
    Mobile rahul2 jam yang lalu

    Subzero > Scorpion

  • Edmister101
    Edmister1012 jam yang lalu

    Nothing beats the original. This looks like a fan made trailer and that "get over here" is a thing of nightmares!

  • fairz animations
    fairz animations2 jam yang lalu

    Does sub zero ever say I'm freezing my bollocks off

  • reyesedger1
    reyesedger12 jam yang lalu

    a b a c a b b

  • komal chauhan
    komal chauhan2 jam yang lalu

    Movie is Hindi or not

  • A I
    A I2 jam yang lalu

    Where's the techno music though?

  • Tuna Fish
    Tuna Fish2 jam yang lalu

    It’s not birthmark cole!

  • Babubhaiya Bandookbaz
    Babubhaiya Bandookbaz3 jam yang lalu

    Did anyone see scorpion

  • muhamad haromain
    muhamad haromain3 jam yang lalu

    Guys, where is Nitara? We can't even see her in the trailer.. uh oh someone's getting forgotten 🙄😯

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B3 jam yang lalu

    Hopefully Johnny Cage will still be in it, no clip of him in the trailer!

  • NMDub Studios
    NMDub Studios3 jam yang lalu


  • Critical Ruin
    Critical Ruin4 jam yang lalu

    Scorpion : Get over here! People : Nah, could have been stronger... Scorpion : GET OVER IT! IM JAPANESE !

  • Zazón Da Chef
    Zazón Da Chef4 jam yang lalu

    Wow looking forward to this one!!!!

  • Amejisuto
    Amejisuto4 jam yang lalu

    looks dope, but that Scorpion line was disappointing. GET OVA HEREE

  • Adonai Funes
    Adonai Funes4 jam yang lalu

    My man SUB-ZERO!! His voice sounds more badass than Scorpion's

  • _E5TARs _
    _E5TARs _4 jam yang lalu

    GO JOETAS!!!

  • Will Goodsell
    Will Goodsell4 jam yang lalu

    A,B,A,C,A,B,B... b**ch!!!!!

  • Zenrikku77
    Zenrikku775 jam yang lalu

    This must be MK2 They gave Liu Kang his dragon fatality instead of his shaolin soccer kick.

  • D S Blogger22
    D S Blogger225 jam yang lalu

    Like from 🇮🇩

  • Rikayu Wilzam
    Rikayu Wilzam5 jam yang lalu

    so this one is Bi Han Sub Zero right?

  • Ayodhya 9439 - Music
    Ayodhya 9439 - Music6 jam yang lalu


  • Mr.ZaynPaul Vistal
    Mr.ZaynPaul Vistal6 jam yang lalu

    Kabal is there fighting with liu kang

  • em t
    em t6 jam yang lalu


  • Abomb Twin
    Abomb Twin6 jam yang lalu

    I’m more excited for this than Synder cut

  • khoa1708
    khoa17086 jam yang lalu

    this movie will end up disappointing so many people... lol

    LYRIKALMASTER6 jam yang lalu

    When this game first came out in the 90's, who shouted out Mortal Kombat as loud as you could on the streets just like the advert?

  • Dekaba Banza
    Dekaba Banza7 jam yang lalu

    It better have the og theme song

  • Le Huu Bang Trinh
    Le Huu Bang Trinh7 jam yang lalu

    2:00 ok that's the most badass thing I've seen my entire life

  • Wes BR-USA
    Wes BR-USA7 jam yang lalu

    the badass brazilian subzero lol

  • Jesus Ortiz
    Jesus Ortiz7 jam yang lalu

    Scorpion's "get over here!" was pretty weak, other than that, it's everything I've been waiting for!

  • OneShotSmitty
    OneShotSmitty7 jam yang lalu

    No johnny cage...???

  • Johnny Gonzalez
    Johnny Gonzalez7 jam yang lalu

    Where tf is Johnny cage

  • minij hooi
    minij hooi7 jam yang lalu

    Fun fact: You've been watching this over and over again

  • cheekster777
    cheekster7777 jam yang lalu

    Oh, hell yes! 👌🏻

  • Vitaliy Tyshchenko
    Vitaliy Tyshchenko7 jam yang lalu

    What about Johnny Cage and famous MK soundtrack?

  • Solidus Snake
    Solidus Snake7 jam yang lalu

    Subzero look like a Covid survivor from the future. He keeps that mask on 24/7.

  • minij hooi

    minij hooi

    7 jam yang lalu

    Test your might

  • Dilah Dil
    Dilah Dil8 jam yang lalu

    Joe taslim, love you

  • eduardo torres
    eduardo torres8 jam yang lalu

    wheres kabal?

  • Blake Robinson

    Blake Robinson

    7 jam yang lalu

    Lu kang is fighting him with the Dragon

  • julian bell
    julian bell8 jam yang lalu

    Where’s Johnny cage ?

  • Traveling Merchant
    Traveling Merchant8 jam yang lalu

    Where's mortaro

  • Herry Mkilaha
    Herry Mkilaha8 jam yang lalu

    Where is Johnny?

  • Aditya Febrian
    Aditya Febrian8 jam yang lalu

    indonesian subzero pride for joe taslim

  • PandoraWolf
    PandoraWolf8 jam yang lalu

    Are we entering into an age of proper video game series/movies?

  • Gold_Gaming
    Gold_Gaming8 jam yang lalu

    Them masks could use some work

  • Jayjay
    Jayjay8 jam yang lalu

    Ged oval hear

  • Guilherme
    Guilherme8 jam yang lalu

    Mortal kombat no Brasil: a Música de itro: ooooo aia aio oba oba oba

  • Thicky McGhee
    Thicky McGhee8 jam yang lalu

    Team Sub-Zero here.

  • Chris Nilan
    Chris Nilan8 jam yang lalu


  • _5kbandsnocap!
    _5kbandsnocap!8 jam yang lalu

    They showed us how jax arms became like that that’s crazy.....

    SERGHOST_ PH9 jam yang lalu

    Theres gonna be a mess here

  • Michael C
    Michael C9 jam yang lalu

    Test your might

  • # rm0m0
    # rm0m09 jam yang lalu

    Joe Taslim (sub zero) Indonesia keren

  • Sandro Martinez
    Sandro Martinez9 jam yang lalu

    I’ve probably watched this trailer 20 times already

  • BowWowsbaby92
    BowWowsbaby929 jam yang lalu

    *It has begun!*

  • Jalen Collins
    Jalen Collins9 jam yang lalu

    Meh🤷🏾‍♂️they coulda done better with casting and attire

  • Christopher White
    Christopher White9 jam yang lalu

    It has begun!!!

  • Namaku Mana
    Namaku Mana9 jam yang lalu

    wow.... OMG 😱

  • johnny Mata
    johnny Mata9 jam yang lalu

    Wonderful !

  • Kristha Krisdian
    Kristha Krisdian10 jam yang lalu

    Joe Taslim salam dari indo

  • Greeemer
    Greeemer10 jam yang lalu


  • PRA QUE?
    PRA QUE?10 jam yang lalu

    Girl: Its a birthmark Jax: what do you mean Girl: he was born with it Jax: its not a birthmark Cole Girl: *surprised pikachu face*

  • ShadowJGaming
    ShadowJGaming10 jam yang lalu

    I'm disappointed by the "Get over here." line, but the movie looks amazing.

  • papi marrero
    papi marrero10 jam yang lalu

    Finish Him

  • Никита Кочкуров
    Никита Кочкуров10 jam yang lalu


  • Riko Tennyson
    Riko Tennyson10 jam yang lalu

    Words of Scorpion says when he pulls enemies with his chain "Get Over Here"

  • marclee82
    marclee8210 jam yang lalu

    Kano wins "ITS FOOKIN RAW"!!

  • Антон Пронин
    Антон Пронин10 jam yang lalu

    Something to looking forward.

  • franky boyzz
    franky boyzz10 jam yang lalu

    and im like F YEAHHH

  • kubush
    kubush10 jam yang lalu

    Ooh, Chinese Ninja warrior With your heart so cold Sub zero Ooh, your life is a mystery Warrior with a mask Sub zero Yeah, yeah, freezing vibrations (yeah) Yeah, yeah, freezing vibrations Yeah, yeah, freezing vibrations Here we go! Here we go! Ooh, Chinese Ninja warrior With your heart so cold Sub zero Ooh, your life is a mystery Warrior with a mask Sub zero Yeah, yeah, freezing vibrations Yeah, yeah, freezing vibrations Ooh, Chinese Ninja warrior With your heart so cold Sub zero Ooh, your life is a mystery Warrior with a mask Sub zero Ooohhhhhhh ahhh

  • Iftikar Alam
    Iftikar Alam11 jam yang lalu

    **Combat* 😎

    LORETO III11 jam yang lalu

    Im waiting for this EPIC!!!!

  • WrangWrang is me
    WrangWrang is me11 jam yang lalu

    Woah this looks 🔥

  • Yudanta Agasta
    Yudanta Agasta11 jam yang lalu

    Mortal Kombat : *exist* Scorpion's Clan :

  • Sam Koch
    Sam Koch11 jam yang lalu

    Looked cool, however, fix scorpions voice and also where is my Shiva at?

  • Alden Hartpence
    Alden Hartpence11 jam yang lalu

    Did you hear scorpion say get over hear a 90s kid's dream

  • Игорь Чередниченко
    Игорь Чередниченко11 jam yang lalu


  • Phoenix 9
    Phoenix 912 jam yang lalu

    90s version still looks better. Imo.

  • Игорь Чередниченко
    Игорь Чередниченко12 jam yang lalu

    Керове Гир!

  • JDIV MEDIA Productions
    JDIV MEDIA Productions12 jam yang lalu

    Scorpion was having and off day.

  • Darude Gif Storm
    Darude Gif Storm12 jam yang lalu

    That blood Knife was pretty cold :)

  • mapaliey martin
    mapaliey martin12 jam yang lalu

    where's chun li?

  • Xophan Lo
    Xophan Lo12 jam yang lalu

    Subzero looks like he’s wearing 90 mask to prevent covid 19 from getting to him. That’s fatality

  • Bad Man
    Bad Man12 jam yang lalu

    Waiit, why sub zero who destroyed jax's arms, where is ermac?

  • Angel Angel
    Angel Angel12 jam yang lalu

    looks decent for a video game movie

  • L3G1ON3R
    L3G1ON3R12 jam yang lalu

    Позор а не скорпион...вы еще бы гея трангендера пригласили со сладким госом