[MV] IU(아이유)_LILAC(라일락)


[MV] IU(아이유)_LILAC(라일락)

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    "Neoreul noraehae yuhuu, neoreul noraehae yuhuu..~"

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    Happy birthday queen 🥰😘

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    사랑해요 아이유

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    IU!! ❤️👑❤️👑❤️ #sonexuaenaxbom 🌺🌸

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    So pretty

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    이번 중국의 행태는 너무 더럽고 추악하다. 다 같이 일어나 우리 가수와 한류를 지켜야 한다.

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    연기도 잘해 노래도 잘불러 춤도 잘춰 괜히 원탑이 아님 아이유랑 같은 나라에 태어나서 좋다ㅠ 가사에 담긴 의미를 좀 더 가까이 느낄 수 있으니깐

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    She never gets old 💗

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    아이유는 음유시인임. 예전에도 현재에도 미래에도 존재할것같은 동화같은 그녀

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    와 한국댓 첨보죠 네 알아요 좋아요 누르고가요

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    Happy Jieun day :)

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    Happy Birthday to Queen IU....Kaigom supporting Queen.

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    I love this song

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  • Exol, Kpop trash and SM STAN
    Exol, Kpop trash and SM STAN4 jam yang lalu

    I don’t know why I cried to this, it has a nostalgic feeling to it 😭

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    This MV is so fun !

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    Omg she so pretty😍😍

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    فان عربية

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    احلى بنت

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    Iu I love you

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    كل سنة وايو ضل معنا و ضل نفسها وكل أفضل و احلى بنت بالكون

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    mark my word blink is sh*t the number one toxic fandom in the world .... if your fave. is attacking a haters that's a blink .....

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    *Happy Birthday, IU !!*

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    My brother said that he doesn't hate on kpop but he doesn't like it. And he said IU is the worst he had seen. Should I put him in a mental institution?

  • Cinquefoil Sane

    Cinquefoil Sane

    2 jam yang lalu

    Less one competitor to grab the precious MD, just let him be

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    IU happy birthday

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    Lilac is my fav colour

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  • •⟭⟬JIN'S RAP IS FASTER THAN EMINEM oink oink⟭⟬•
    •⟭⟬JIN'S RAP IS FASTER THAN EMINEM oink oink⟭⟬•10 jam yang lalu


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    Happy Birthday IU

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    1:21 초에 최준나온줄...

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    Happy birthday my celebrity ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ love you

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    Happy Birthday IU

  • gghoop01@gmail.com
    gghoop01@gmail.com11 jam yang lalu

    IU. Although I haven’t been with you as long as I could have, I don’t need to talk about how much you’ve changed my life. My introduction to you came from one song I happened to hear years ago, and only returned to every now and again. However, over the past few years, I took the time to actually pursue you and learn more about you. I still haven’t learned as much as I could have, but you’ve already opened my eyes to music so much. I know that a term that is used to describe your presence in music is “The Girl Next Door.” For a bit of time, I couldn’t quite understand this, and then I realized that the meaning of this isn’t in the literal term, but the feelings that are implied from it. I couldn’t quite understand why when I listened to your voice, I felt this closeness to you that I couldn’t define. Then I realized, it is because your voice represents all of the comforts and joys of one’s life. You encompass so much familiarity and nostalgia in a single note that you sing, and I’ve never heard anybody sing like this before. It is a combination of your voice that is as delicate as a lullaby, and the sincerity of the words that you sing. Anybody who hears your voice first the first time might be so overwhelmed by its individuality that they might not even be able to explain what’s happening to them at first. They could just be experiencing your voice for the first time, and it can instantly take them back to some of the happiest moments of their life. Only you can evoke these strong emotions in other people when you sing. When I hear your voice, I don’t know whether I should submit to the feelings I’ve been afraid to confront, or parade around with confidence and optimism. I don’t know how you can capture so much in just your voice, but what you have is honestly a quality that only you were born with. One cannot work to gain what you possess, but rather, only you can share with the world the gift that you have. In a flash, somebody can feel of all the warm and distant feelings as well as recall their fondest memories because you ignite that in an individual. I’ve never known somebody to hold such a power and an effect on others, and I often wonder if we deserve such a genuine voice like yours. You are also an incredibly talented dancer, always moving so swiftly and with so much energy. It’s been a joy watching you on several different stages, sharing the messages you’ve always wanted to through your movements and gestures. You really know how to communicate through your expression of dance and personal style. I cannot even sum up how revolutionary of a performer you are. What you have cannot be defined by the limitations of words, but it can only be felt by your audience, fans, and other musicians. You’re almost unreal, because the impact that you have on us is just magical. We get taken to a place in our minds that is only unlocked when we get to witness and be a part of your artistic vision. Your mind is just brilliant, and even the way you decide to create your music videos is so detailed and thought-out. You simply know how to use music to make people aware of what this world has to offer, and I believe that nobody understands the potential of music like you do. You have a relationship with it like no other, and we are blessed that you decided to explore this connection.0 I cannot wait to see where your music takes you next, because there is absolutely no telling how you’ll make us feel. You are one of the purest people I know. You just absorb the emotions of others and represent them through your music and attitude. You are always putting others before you and your demeanor is just admirable. You are one of the humblest and poised people I know, and this is another of many reasons why you just feel comforting and familiar. Just getting to be here with you is completely bliss, as you are just kind-hearted and gentle. I want to thank your parents and family for raising you and bringing you to us in this manner. I can’t even imagine how they must feel to know that their loved ones has risen to become one of the most influential and legendary people to interact with music. I have no doubt in my mind that you cherish them like no other, given how sweet you are to somebody who you come in contact with for just a second. I know you have the utmost respect for them and keep them with you every step of your journey. If ever you feel lost, deserted, alone, or confused, I hope you can always look to them. I hope you know you can always rely on them and turn to them for comfort. They are always going to remind you of who you are and to help get you back on your feet. Never think that you are disappointing them, because they know that you honor them with every action you take. Whether you fall down or you triumph, they will be proud of you no matter what. They will always be the most supportive of you and will love you more than anybody else. Your fans keep them in our hearts as you do, and we will always strive to be as half as considerate and selfless as they are. On the topic of your fans, thank you for your fierce loyalty and dedication to them over the years. I am a fairly new fan, but I can see the people that they have turned out to be because of the affection you’ve showered them with since before you even debuted. It’s been nothing but the greatest years of their lives, and I can imagine that it is the greatest honor in the world getting to be by your side. There is no greater feeling than what you give tho them, and as a new fan, I can say that there is much truth in this statement. Their happiest days and memories have been filled with you, and there is no replacement for that spot that you will always fill in their hearts. You are unforgettable and they are going to look back on the times they spent with you to return the peak of their happiness. You’ve changed their lives in ways that can only be seen in the way they carry themselves. I know you’ve been through a lot, and this cannot be overstated enough. What we’ve seen has already been too much, and nobody should ever go through the pain of losing anybody that they love. We don’t even know all that you’ve had to endure to make it where you are now, and much of it might always remain a mystery. I know that anybody can agree it takes a strength that people don’t have innately to brave your way through these difficulties. One of your greatest strengths is that you channel these struggles and moments of pain into your music. It is one of the healthiest and most impactful ways to cope and emote. It is only then that people are able to empathize with you on a spiritual and soulful level. You honor those you’ve lost and document the everyday occurrences that most undergo through your music. You are telling the stories of all of our lives and you do in such a natural way. On behalf of all of your loved ones, we are beyond proud of you for using these unbearable moments in your life as reason for motivation. The life and legacy of so many live on through your voice. I hope that all of your dreams come true on this special day, and that you get to accomplish all that you set your mind to. Provided that you are one of the most generous people that I know, it might be hard to look at yourself in such a high manner, but I hope you let your fans celebrate and commemorate you. If you ever want to know how you’ve touched us, look at us for a reflection of your character. We are what you give to us, and countless of people are living honestly and hopefully because of you. I hope that those around you also help you to feel as special and inspirational as you truly are to countless people. Please relax on your day, and you can take from it some unforgettable memories. I hope it turns out to be one of the greatest days you’ve ever had. Thank you for sacrificing so much to make so much possible, both musically and in other areas of the world. Thank you for suffering through any pain, fear, isolation, frustration, fatigue, concern, doubt, hardships, and so much more just to bring us the smallest bit of content. You deserve all of the success, glory, and blessings that come to you. I hope you never feel obligated to change because the world needs you just as you are. You are sincerely an angel sent from heaven to help piece together this fragmented world. You are the glue holding us together, and the light that is left in this world. You are beyond beautiful inside and out, and I hope you never change. Please don’t overwork yourself. I pray that you and your loved ones stay safe, and find happiness and worth in the future. Happy birthday IU, and we adore you more than we can ever say.

  • Val Brindilles

    Val Brindilles

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    You made me cry Ueana 🤗🌏🌈

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    Happy birthday Jieun nuna!

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    Happy Birthday IU!!

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    Happy brithday iu❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    생일 축하드려요!!~^^지은언니 ♡

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    Happy Birthday to the most beautiful, inspiring and wonderful artist of all time♡♡

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    생일 축하 아이요

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    Happy Birthday IU (ʘᴗʘ✿)

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    Happy Birthday to this incredible queen and the forever love of our lives, Lee Ji Eun! ✨🎉

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    What does LILAC mean?

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    Memory of youth

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    너무 예뻐요 노래 많이 많이 영상 해주세요

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    It wouldnt be even strange for us to hear this in comercial. Vibe is that great

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    Happy 29th baby!!

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    HAPPY BIRTHADAY QUEEN! WISH YOU ALL THE BEST i-iCONIK U-ultra queen We love and respect you!

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    아이유 생일 축하해❤❤❤❤

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    IU, FIGHTING!!! 💗 🙆

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    Happy Birthday IU, Thank you because you've made a lot of masterpieces, your song is healing me a lot

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    I love you Lee Ji Eun IU 😘