Siren Head Returns- Horror Short Film

Film & Animasi

Siren Head returns to wreak havoc as two agents stand in his way.
Check out Part 1:
Motion Capture Suit-
Thanks to Alteori for the fantastic voice over!
Siren Head is a character created by Trevor Henderson.
Director/VFX: Raghav AK
Actors: Raghav AK and Chandan @the.mountain.child (Instagram)
Cameras- Satisha SC @satishasc (Instagram)
Music and SFX:
1. Horror Sound tracks and SFX from
2. Spinning sound effect from Jonkari P's Siren Head in Jurassic Park video
3. Sound FX from Motion Design by
4. Double Agent- Everet Almond- IDtitle Audio Library
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    Hey guys, let me know what we should do next :) Also, make sure to watch our latest video 'HULK vs ME'. Its got some crazzzyy action and animation ;)

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    I know this is just a film but im really getting angry because they're so dumb.

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